Swansea Canoe Polo Club

Canoe Polo Training Session

Canoe Polo Training Session

Pontardawe Swimming Pool

Our Pontardawe Swimming Pool session is held at 19:00 to 20:00 on Thursday’s, we meet in the car park or reception at 18:40.

If you’re interested in coming, please cofrestrwch and one of the committee will be in touch. If you have any questions you can gyswllt us on Facebook or email contact@swanseacanoepolo.club.


Beginners are welcome to attend this session, and all new starters will be taught the basic skills which apply to all kayaking disciplines to help everyone progress.

We’ll teach you how to exit and empty your boat safely, how to control your boat and maintain balance, all the way through to how to roll your kayak. Skills are taught in order, so don’t expect to be rolling your kayak straight away, there’s other skills which need to be perfected before we teach you to roll your kayak.

While learning we will introduce you to Canoe Polo, how to play, the rules and basic tactics.

There are some canoe polo tournaments for beginners, and we aim to ensure that everyone gets a chance to play a game, sometimes in your first session.


For intermediates we’ll help you perfect all of your existing skills, teach you new skills and techniques and help you develop your Canoe Polo game play.

Training will involve a variety of exercises including fitness, agility, perfecting and practising existing skills including both paddling and game elements such as shooting, goal keeping, attacking and defence.