Swansea Canoe Polo Club

National League 2024

Team details for the National League were released this morning (Monday April 8th 2024), and we have two teams entered in to Division 3 South West.

Both teams will be competing against Aberfan B, Avon C, Bridgend Dolphins, Bristol Pitbulls, Bude Smugglers, Cardiff Canoe Polo, Dragon Ravens and Rhondda Rhinos on the 27/28th of April and the 29/30th of June in Taff Bargoed.

For those of you curious, details for all of the divisions are below…

Premier Open
Dates: 11/12 May (Sale Waterpark) + 20/21 July (Sale Waterpark)
Teams: FOA A, Kingston A, FOA B, Dragon, St Albans A, Cherwell A, Manchester Wildcats A, Meridian E

Division 1 Open
Dates: 11/12 May (Holme Pierrepont) + 20/21 July (Collingwood Dock)
Teams: Viking A, Aberfan A, Bridgend, Titans A, East End A, Dispersus, Penine A, Avon A, Bedford Raiders, White Rose A

Division 2 North
Dates: 11/12 May (Collingwood Dock) + 20/21 July (Pinkson Watersports)
Teams: FOA Z, Kingston C, LCC A, Granite Dons, FOA V, Manchester Wildcats B, Cumbria Canoeists, Titans B, Granite Dees, Kingston B, Pennine B, Ulster

Division 2 South
Dates: 11/12 May (Woodmill Activity Centre) + 20/21 July (Taff Bargoed)
Teams: Avon B, Beer Forest, Jesters, VKC, Braintree, Blackwater, Dragon B, East End B, St Albans B, Cherwell B, Southampton Sloths, Rhondda A

Division 3 North
Dates: 27/28 April (Collingwood Dock) + 29/30 June (Sale Waterpark)
Teams: Manchester Wildcats C, LCC B, FOA W, White Rose B, Penrith, Manchester Wildcats D, FOA X, FOA Y, Viking C

Division 3 South West
Dates: 27/28 April (Taff Bargoed) + 29/30 June (Taff Bargoed)
Teams: Swansea A, Swansea B, Bude Smugglers, Bristol Pitbulls, Dragon Ravens, Avon C, Bridgend Dolphins, Aberfan B, Rhondda B, Cardiff

Division 3 South East
Dates: 27/28 April (Rickmansworth Aquadrome) + 29/30 June (Rickmansworth Aquadrome)
Teams: Nomad, Meridian X, Southampton Sloths, Oxford, St Albans Youth, Castle, Meridian Development, St Alban’s X, East End C

Premier Women’s Division
Dates: 4th May (Bristol Dock) + 15th June (Sale Waterpark)
Teams: FOA A, Kingston Ladies, FOA B, Manchester Wildcats A, Meridian Ladies, Rhondda A

Women’s Division 1
Dates: 4th May (Sale Waterpark) + 15th June (Sale Waterpark)
Teams: Manchester Wildcats B, Avon W, Valkyries, Oxford, Rhondda Rhinos B, VKC Women, Kingston Ladies B, Cumbria Ladies


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