Swansea Canoe Polo Club

Swansea Canoe Polo Club

Pontardawe - Thursday 7pm

Penlan - Sunday 8.30pm

Swansea Canoe Polo Club

Pontardawe Swimming Pool - Thursday 7pm

Penlan Leisure Centre - Sunday 8.30pm

Swansea Canoe Polo Club

If you’re new to the sport, head to our New Members page for more information.

If you’re looking for something different, Canoe Polo might just be the sport for you.

Swansea Canoe Polo Club is a new Canoe Club based in Swansea competing at regional,  national and international Canoe Polo tournaments.

The club was established in 2023 to help promote and grow the sport of Canoe Polo in West Wales and create new teams in Swansea and the surrounding areas.

“Canoe Polo is a spectacular and rapidly growing discipline. Quite unlike other canoe sports, Canoe Polo is a game of two halves of 10 minutes where two teams of five players battle it out with a water polo ball. The aim is to score into a goal, which is suspended above the water at each end of a rectangular ‘playing pitch’. Canoe Polo is a game for everyone. At club level thousands of players – boys, girls, men and women – compete against each other in competitions graded according to skill level.” – British Canoeing.

Training sessions are held indoors at Penlan and Pontardawe and we train outdoors on the River Tawe when it’s warmer, we are open to paddlers of all abilities.

If you’d like to join us please register and someone will be in touch, if you have any questions head over to our contact page where you’ll find our contact details. 

If you’re interested in other kayaking disciplines such as whitewater kayaking, surf kayaking, canoe slalom, sprint kayaking, we are friends with Tawe Kayak Club who offer White Water, Sea and Surf Kayaking in and around Swansea.

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