Swansea Canoe Polo Club



New Members

If you are interested, please register. Once you have registered we will get in touch and get you on the water as soon as we can.

How to buy membership

The first step is to register.

Once you have been to a pool session or other training session we will activate your account. You will receive an email to the address used when registering with a link to the Club Portal where you can login and pay for your membership.

If you would prefer to pay with cash or using your credit or debit card in person, please let us know at a pool session and we can arrange to take your payment, you will still need to register online.


If you have a low income please talk to us as there may be grants available which we can apply for as a club to help support you or your child.

Membership Types

If you are competing in tournaments you will need to be a full Individual member of Canoe Wales (or equivalent British Canoeing).

If you are not competing in tournaments you will need affiliate membership which will be included with your club membership.

Canoe Wales provides insurance for our club activities, but affiliate membership does not cover tournaments or coaching qualifications.

If you’re not sure, talk to a member of the committee at a training session and we’ll be happy to help.

Membership is paid annually.

Full Member

The full club membership cost is £40 per year, which can either be paid at once, or can be split into 2 payments. You will also need Canoe Wales membership, details below.

Canoe Wales Membership for Competitions & Training:
£47.00 – Adult
£37.00 – Young Person (18-23)

Canoe Wales Membership for Training Only:
£10.50 – Adult

Youth Membership

Youth club membership is for children (under 18) and costs £35. Each member will also need Canoe Wales membership.

Canoe Wales Membership for Competitions & Training:
£28.00 – On the Water Youth

Canoe Wales Membership for Training Only:
£5.00 – Club Associate

Family discounts are available, chat to us to learn more.

Off the Water Membership

Off the Water membership is required if you are travelling with the club for tournaments. If you are also performing duties such as Refereeing or Coaching you will require “On The Water” Canoe Wales membership. The cost is £10, and you will also need Canoe Wales Membership.

Canoe Wales Membership:
Adult On The Bank – £21.00
Adult Club 
Associate – £10.50
Youth Club Associate – £5.00

Affiliate Membership

If you attend our training sessions but are a member of another club you will need either Full, Youth, Honorary or Affiliate membership.

You must hold On the Water Canoe Wales or British Canoeing membership.

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