Swansea Canoe Polo Club

Outdoor Training – What to wear…

Clothing Options… What to wear for outdoor training/competitions very much depends on the weather and personal needs / preferences. Once you start training outdoors you’ll get an idea of what’s what and will find your own preferences. The first time can be a bit hit or miss and you could find you’re too cold or too […]

Canoe Polo Equipment

I thought it might be helpful to share some info about the different types of kit we use for Canoe Polo in various settings… Personal Kit Personal equipment is the stuff you wear – which can also depend on the setting and weather. Items such as buoyancy aids and helmets will need replacing in line […]

Basic Rules & Common Misunderstandings

With many new players joining the club recently, John (JG) has kindly written some basic rules and common misunderstandings to help everyone get a better understanding. Have a read… The following are just a few of the more essential rules which may be useful for newcomers to the sport, but may also give clarification on […]

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